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Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise".I have my own take on this - the Hand of God in the Lives of Mankind! 


I had that moment of Serendipity this morning when I was looking for ways for me to change with the new format. I did what I generally do - research. And I came upon this article about change that has as much to do with Nicotine Addiction as it does with new realities. 


They say "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" but I work in Assisted Living and see it every day! Actually aging is all about change! So perhaps it's time to recognize that nothing can be further from the truth!


We often feel like we've smoked for so many Years that change is impossible but I challenge that belief as just another Nico-Lie! For new Readers - Nico-Lies are caused by Nicotine Addicted Neurotransmitters that have been hijacked in our Brains. But you can reclaim the Neurotransmitters and make the Lies stop! That is Nicotine Recovery!


So here is the article I found - just change the word alcohol for nicotine and the exact same principles apply! 


Stages of Change:

    • Reluctant precontemplators are those who through lack of knowledge or inertia do not want to consider change. The impact of the problem has not become fully conscious.
    • Rebellious precontemplators have a heavy investment in drinking and in making their own decisions. They are resistant to being told what to do.
    • Resigned precontemplators have given up hope about the possibility of change and seem overwhelmed by the problem. Many have made many attempts to quit or control their drinking.
    • Rationalizing precontemplators have all the answers; they have plenty of reasons why drinking is not a problem, or why drinking is a problem for others but not for them.precontemplatio
  • contemplation
  • determination
  • action
  • maintenance
  • termination

On this website I am a reluctant precontemplator. But I have moved into determination and action. I will continue to strive little by little to gain my control over my goals in this framework! 


Heck, I beat Nicotine Addiction - the most challenging Substance Addiction to Quit!


This is a piece of cake!


God's hand is at work each and every day - Serendipity!