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What strategies help you deal with doubt?

Question asked by luapnodyl on Jan 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Lauralives

Hi. I've set my quit date and have two weeks to go. Counting my cigarettes has really helped and I realised I was smoking more than I thought. Problem is that as I get nearer to the big day I've started rationalising setting the date back. I know from experience if I do that then it'll be another several months before I try again. Some of my excuses have been very creative up to and including 'why quit, you've probably done the damage already so what could you possibly gain?'.


It'd be useful to hear if anyone else has had this and what sort of strategies you have used to help deal with the seductive little arguments that pop up in your head to convince you to keep smoking a bit longer.