Positive Things!

Discussion created by Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 on Jan 28, 2017
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Here is my list of positive thing about the new EX!  I am sure there are more - this is just my quick list.  Feel free to add yours!


  • To see all the latest published blogs/discussion/questions - click on the home page - and then click on "Read the Latest Updates".  The default sort on this is "date created:newest first".  You can sort other ways also.  This is where you can see everything in one spot.
  • It is also easier to find people.  Many options are available to sort in the "member directory" or in "people" on your profile page.  You can also search for a particular member (helpful if you do not remember their complete username). 
  • We can send private messages to one or many people - just keep adding names!  Not sure what if any the limit is - but should be very useful for people who like to send out graphics or messages to numerous people.  Several ways to send private messages - 1.  Clicking on the white bell in the red box - and then send message.  2.  By going to a person's profile page - under actions click "send direct message".  3.  Hover over a person's avatar - a box will open with the option to send a message.  4.  Click on the "pen" symbol by your avatar and select the message option.  
  • To check your received messages, click on the "white bell in the red box" and filter to see messages.  Check on "unread only" to see your new messages.  To look for old messages that you have already seen un-check this box.
  • There are options available for e-mail notifications also.  I never signed up for this on the old platform and I have opted out on the new platform.  Click on your avatar and then on preferences.  If you click on NO for the first question, that is all that is necessary.  If you choose YES - then you have more options to decide on.  I think that if you experiment with the different options, you will find what works best for you.
  • I love the formatting bar!  The fonts, sizes, and colors really makes this fun and interesting!  Click on the ... by the camera to expand the bar for more options. You can hover over each item to see what it does.  Play around with this feature - don't be afraid to try new things!
  • Pictures and Graphics!  I love the ease of posting these now!  It really makes me happy to see Marilyn and others post pictures that they could not do before!  Another thing that makes this new EX more interesting!
  • FYI - The Freedom Train can be found in "Celebrations and Events".  I believe the participation there has increased since we migrated over! Lets keep joining in and congratulating people on their accomplishments!
  • Spell Check - Enough said!
  • To see the number of days that you have quit - click on my quit plan (upper right)
  • To find the content (postings, blogs, etc.) that you have written - go to your profile and click on "Content".  Same sorting options here as with other places.  You can also find other people content by going to their profile and doing the same thing.