Sneak attack

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Jan 28, 2017
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Beware.....they do exist...The Nico demon comes around when you least expect it.


My quit is holding strong HOWEVER do not ever get complacent during your quit no matter how many days, weeks, months or years that you have under your belt!


For me this especially means to be on guard when ever the following things happen in my life:


Social gatherings

Having a cocktail

Being in the company of others who still smoke

Having a stressful day

Any type of anger for whatever reason

Any type of Sad feeling created by myself or another person or situation


i could extend this list I am sure. Feel free to add your own triggers.


The point is I ALWAYS felt the need to smoke during any of the above. Greatfully I can't even tell you when I last felt the urge to smoke but I always remain aware and grateful.  I am living life now DEALING with all those things without letting the cigs be in control and even though I feel I have a handle on it now.....I know for a fact...least I forget where I came from and what the @&$!?" cigs put me through....One puff would put me right back in the pit. A pit I worked hard to get out of. A pit I never want to re-visit.


So the morale of my little story, ALWAYS BE AWARE of the 'triggers' that fed your urge. Friends, we cannot afford not to.


Have a wonderful smokefree day-Mandolinrain (Missy)