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A lot of people have different theories about dreams. Some say it's just our subconscious working out our problems during the day. Some will say it's the way our loved ones communicate with us. Some will say they come from messages or thoughts we have during the day. Somehow the dream is used for working through a frustration we had during the day.


I think for ex-smokers dreams are just memories resurfacing because we in the beginning are constantly thinking about not doing it, that now we're dreaming about it. When I was still on the patch, I had wonderful, vivid dreams. They were so action-packed and so life-like. The first smoke dream came around by my 60th day or so. I was so disappointed in myself because it truly felt like I really did smoke, but in reality it was only a dream.


Memories are funny sometimes. I'm sure some of you remember or perhaps still do running on autopilot when going to the store or a friend's home or work. You didn't really even have to think about it; you just did it. As time goes on and the ritual is interrupted, perhaps by a relocation or new employment, that autopilot is no longer needed. At times when we're distracted or in what I call foo-foo land, you're overly exhausted, you'll find yourself just automatically going that way. Happened to me once driving to the gas station where I always got cigarettes. I was fully engrossed in a radio program, running on a lack of sleep and just really not paying attention and there I was, on my way to the gas station. As I'm writing this, I'm hoping someone out there has done this, or else I'll have to place bells on my shoes so they can find me when I'm lost.


Give yourself a break once in a while. Be gentle with yourself. We all know life is full of stress, frustration, but you know what, that's just the way it is. It's important to learn how to react differently to the actions that we did for so many years, light up and puff our problems away. It's also important to look on the positive side instead of the negative. Check out Positive Affirmations for Success: Within that link is also a discussion called Love Yourself. Whether you're dropping in to say hello, offer love and support to your friends or need a place where you will truly feel listened to, we are there - every single day!


Sometimes we just need a laugh to get our minds back on track. Be sure to visit  bring a smile to your face daily or just a pleasant distraction. Sometimes that little hit of dopamine from laughter is the trick.


At times it helps to reaffirm our quit by pledging with others to not smoke for that day. Be sure to join others by going to: to virtually hold hands with other members and pledge not to smoke for that day. “That day” adds up to 30 days, 60 days, for the rest of your life.


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