COPD: What Happens When You Call an Ambulance?

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At the top of my list of what I choose not to happen under any circumstances is to be intubated. It's my worst nightmare! There is a document in Colorado that you can complete with your General Practioner called a MOST, (Medical Orders for Scope of Treament) a type of Living Will that you keep handy for the EMTs who come to attend you. You can call the shots even when you can't respond by having this document accessible.


I would have the tendency to not call the ambulance for fear of what they might do to me! Do I want CPR? Do I want DNR (do not resuscitate)? Do I want Full Code? (do whatever it takes to keep me alive)? With a Living Will you decide! But only if the EMTs have access to the document at the time of treatment! In absence of directives they will Full Code.


Here is a description of what ambulance Technicians do when they transport you to the hospital:

COPD exacerbation: 5 things EMS providers need to know 


This is very good for COPD patients, their Medical Power of Attorney and their Loved Ones to know!


Once you get to the hospital, you can have a MOST or Living Will registered there so the Staff already knows your directives even before you get there!


These are hard subjects to think and talk about, but very important! I don't want to wake up with a tube shoved down my throat! But that's ME! I and my Family are prepared to honor my Directives.


Are you prepared?