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For many of us Weekends are times to get together with Family and Friends. As smokers we would seek out and hang out with...smokers! Now that we have Quit Smoking we have to hang out (at least temporarily) with another group of people - those who don't or no longer smoke!

Does that sound too radical? It's true! 

Hanging out with our Smoke Buddies will only draw us back to smoking - especially if we hang out in the same Smoking places as we are used to!

People, Places, and Things (like ashtrays, favorite lighters, etc..) can draw us back into our Addiction just as easily as having a lit Sickerette right under your nose! 

Smoking Cessation is a Lifestyle Change!

Get to know the Folks around you that don't smoke! Ask them what they do when they are stressed!

There's a whole New World out there that you have been avoiding!

After you establish your Quit Journey you can add back in your Smoker Friends - just don't be around their Sickerettes!

Sickerette Smoke triggers your Addictive Brain and entangles you back into Addiction! 

Set yourself FREE!

 It's doable and it's worth it!