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Badges and Points

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by prjimm01

To my understanding this new "gaming" concept for our community is quite different than the last - uh, shall I call it "awards" system on the old platform.  On the Elgg platform anyone would get a "badge" just for joining the community.  Then they'd get one for posting a blog.  So spammers would have two badges to begin with.  Thus making the whole idea of badges irrelevant.


What is the intent of this new system of badges and points?  Perhaps a "badges and points" blog or commentary could be put up in the help section to explain a little more about the psychology behind it.  As was quite evident when the bad badges came into being in the first place and the community's reaction, you're going to have to win us over on this one.


To my understanding this new system is based more on actual earned accolades, so that the "system" is less likely to be misused and abused.  But then - once it's understood that you get points for the amount of "likes" you receive (for example), everybody and their friends are going to be "liking" everything or awarding badges - just because.  Which will then make the points and badges irrelevant too.  No?