Now, I'm getting the hang of this

Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Jan 26, 2017
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Okay.  Conversations replaces the blog tab that we once had.  Then you go to content to see what's all been posted.  here you can sort by date created (newest first) or by a special topic you want to search for.  This part has the old search box and the blog section all rolled up in one.  then if you go to your avatar (picture), click on the arrow and select preferences.   This is where you get rid of all of those e-mails that I'm sure you're getting.  The discussion view style on this page has the choice of threaded (which is the default) and flat, which I think resembles the old format.  the only drawback is it seems to only sort by response.  So I changed it back to threaded.  You can also go to edit your profile and select privacy and you can select who can see what on your profile.  also remember to save your changes.  Then go to your profile and you will see a little button on the right-hand side called edit banner.  Here you can upload your own picture or background.  These were the basic functions that I was using every day.  If you have questions about using the site, be sure to click conversations and then ask a question tab and post it there.


The only problems that I've seen so far is not staying logged on to the site, messaging certain individuals without being followed by both of us.  I do wish they would bring back the message board or just allowing people to message other members without following them.  Sometimes members are not on the site on a daily and only visit once in a while and it won't allow me to send them a message at all.  So now I have no way to inquire how they are doing in their quit.  Just a few problems Community Feedback  That I've run into.