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Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Jan 26, 2017
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This format reminds me a lot of or whatever that was called.  This was the main reason I did not join that site.  I don't like threads.  I think a popup window on each section as was suggested before comparing the old and new version to help us older members is an excellent suggestion.  There's always the option of skipping.  Most of us had page content saved to our page for things we wanted to save or wanted new members to view or read.  That was not addressed as to whether or not we can place that here and where.  I did take the time to save all of that, but I have no clue where to stick it.  This does move a lot faster and does give you more topics to read, but I would like to see a one sentence prelude to each post so that I can decide whether or not to click on it or not.  Quitting smoking is stressful enough.  We really should take all members through baby steps.  I did go through the tutorial for getting started which takes you through the very basic steps but then you're thrown into the den.  I'll have to go through this some more and I hope that some of you hang around or all of you thinking of leaving stick around.