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I am finally free of my pain and dare to hope it will last for a while.  What an incredible place I found.  The office was so welcoming, I thought I have not paperwork to fill out for the first 15 min complimentary visit, so I got there with 1 minute to spare before the appointment.  And I had some paperwork to fill out but they did not mind we did not start right on time.  Did not wait for the Dr, she joined me in a nice lounge, quickly reviewed the reasons I was seeing her, and as soon as she saw my labs (with the one blood element: creatine kinase, total, serum elevated 7 times the normal values, and attesting the muscular destruction), and of course the rest of them,  she told me: " this is a chronic metabolic syndrome, made acute by the Cymbalta withdrawals".  She quickly created an estimate of all the tests she wants done, some of them I  have to do at home and send out of state, and she had her nurse ready for me to collect more blood right there, in the office. She also said: "I can't let you go home like you are, I would like to give you an infusion for your cramps and pain".  The estimate was higher than I expected but it contains a lot of the potential tests, I said yes, and I was taken to an IV room, made comfortable by the staff, and administered a concoction of serum, minerals, and 2 homeopathic drugs.  I walked out carefully, came home and took in the new me, not cramping and not in constant pain...And the night was alike, and so is this morning!  Saying I am grateful, thanking God for guiding me to find this wonderful provider, who cared as much as to treat me on the spot, despite her schedule (she had plenty of other patients after me) is an understatement.  I do not know what the length of the treatment will be for me to come back being a normal person, but I know I will stick with whatever regimen she puts me on, because she is so smart, and really cares, and I put my health in her hands. 

Thank you Dr Judy, you are a God sent!

You all have a wonderful day my friends, stay smoke free, because your health is the most precious gift and we have to guard it with all our might!##