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What a blessing autosave is!  I spent a LONG time creating a response in "What advice would you give new quitters" (can't remember the name of the question now, nor where to find it, else I'd put in an @ mention.)   and just before I pressed the 'post' button my internet went out.  I considered shooting myself in the head. lol  But when I came back to try to begin it all over again this happy little message popped up saying something to the effect "there's an autosaved version of this."  YIPPPEEEEE!  It didn't grab it all, but it sure grabbed most of it and I could put the gun away.  Thank you!  (If you look at the bottom of the message box you're posting on, you'll see the little sign that says "Your content was last auto-saved at ...."  )


NOTE:  I just learned the hard way - Autosave does NOT work if you're responding from your inbox.  So to be safe, click on the title and go to the actual conversation/blog itself.