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Question asked by Giulia Champion on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Mark
  1. Any way to flag a post in our inbox so we can find it more easily?  There are so many posts in my inbox because of whom I'm following it's gotten totally overwhelming and I've actually started to unfollow to calm things down.  If we could flag those posts we need to return to it would be ever so helpful.
  2. Can we delete posts from our inbox?  Or will there just eventually be five billion of them?  I understand there's an ability to filter new content only, but even so...
  3. Why do some people have a "send a message" wheel widget on the right beside the follow sign and others not?  It seems to have nothing to do with whether we're following them or not.
  4. What’s the difference between "helpful" and "like" on responses?  Just earns different badges for people?
  5. What are the rewards we gain by giving away extra points of our own?
  6. Virality Mission:  Have your file downloaded by someone else?  What file?  Some link we provided?  Having more information about all the badges and quests would be helpful.
  7. Blogs don't seem to have as many font tools, no emoticons, etc.  More limited functionality than discussions.  And apparently no way to edit or delete a response.  No actions available in responses to conversation  either it seems?  So only if we are the original poster can we edit?
  8. Any way to do a global search and replace for stuff like this throughout the site?:  (or if I’m out in the car I go to a gas station)....I walk in....I’m already feeling guilty...
  9. Are the messages we send to people private?  i.e. does anyone else have the ability to read them?  Are they the same as a PM on ELGG?
  10. If we're following something like the Daily Pledge or the Train, is there any way to stop the notifications once we've responded other than just doing it each day?  Because if there are 40 responses on the Pledge Page, every single one is coming into our inbox (& or emails if we have email notifications set to on)?