I quit on 2/25/2008.....

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Hi my name is Susan and I started this group on 4/18/08. I have been quit since 2/25/2008. I believe groups like this are a major factor in my remaining quit and I wanted to start one here.

In these last 53 days I have learned some things. I'll talk about them as we get going but the most important one is this.

1. I am a nicotine addict and because of that I can never have another puff..ever.

That was a hard reality for me to get my head around....I am a strong person...I have a certain amount of will power ....not one puff ever? Nope not one.

If I have a single puff I will more then likely relapse.....just as a heroin addict must stop totally...I have to as well. I am a nic addict.

Wilh that realization freaking me out,,,,I went to the next.

2. An urge for a cig only lasts 3 minutes. This is true. If you can get through 3 minutes it is done. So I have been quitting 3 minutes at a time.

So to end this short note. I am a nic addict that can get through a whole lot of 3 minute urges. It feels so good to be can do this too!

I hope we can start a great group here.