Doctors scare me

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Delete Post Manage Blog Back from the Pulmonologist and not sure I know any more than I did yesterday.

He prescribed Spiriva, Albuterol and Advair. And, told me to throw out the combivent. No nebulizor or oxygen and I am at least thankful for that. I guess anyway. At this point I really don't know what to be encouraged by and what to worry about.
He told Britt (she went with me to ask questions, got lectured for smoking and probably didn't hear much after that) that there is little to be done at this point. Excercise is good, swimming and walking will build stamina and give me strength to help fight off colds, flu and infections. He said those will be my biggest challenge and scare.
He said that a healthy person will go along and be fine, get a respitory infection (cold or flu) and rebound back to normal. But, I would go along doing good, get a respitory infection and after fighting to get over it, never get back to the function I was at prior to it.
Britt mentioned something about 20 or 30 years down the road and he said I wouldn't have to worry about that. ???WHAT??? Has it really come to that?? Honestly there is not longevity in either side of my family anyway. So he probably wasn't far off. But OUCH!!! That reality stung a little!
He said I would be a good candidate for the lung reduction surgery at some point because of the severity of the disease and my age. Also for a lung transplant. OH MY GOD
Do they practice how to scare the crap out of people. Britt said she didn't like my doctor, she didn't think he had a very good bedside manner (even though I was sitting up) and didn't think he explained things very well. I am not sure any of them do anymore.
Besides that, he came recommended and I was glad he took me on as a patient being I don't have medical insurance.

He mentioned excercises but said there was no groups or classes in this town, and that I could get online to find some. I will look and ask around.