Things to ask the doctor

Discussion created by kellie3 on Aug 14, 2009
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I am just terrible at asking questions from the doctor. Is it just me? I have such good intentions when I go there and then I get back home and say CRAP, I did it again!

So these are my questions...
[ I understand everyone is different, and no one here is a doctor, but if anyone has any answers... HOLLER, or at least speak up with ideas. LOL]

~~The big one... Life expectancy with severe emphysema/copd?
not that I will take it to heart and give up. Quite the contrary, I just wanna know what I am up against.

~~ I am on Spiriva, albuterol (rescue inhaler) and advair, I started all these fairly recently so I am not sure what the average side effects are. I have noticed the last week my eyes feel cloudy and dry. By the time I go to bed at night my eyes are yellowish/red color, that goes away by morning. Anyone else have this problem?

~~ I began excercising about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Nothing strenious, just walking, about a mile every morning.
When I near the end of my walk (after several stops to catch my breath) my arms and fingers and feet begin to tingle like they are asleep. Does anyone know what could cause this? And, should I be alarmed?

~~ I took one of those sleeping oxygen level tests with the clippy thing that goes on your finger. The doctor called and wants me to come in for a sleep study (which I have postponed until I can get insurance). He said my oxygen saturation level drops from averaging 90 to low 70's. So..... What is normal? And, if I don't snore or quit breathing at night, does this mean my breathing just gets shallow and not enough?

I am new to this diagnoses and really haven't asked much of the doctor. Also, he hasn't brought it up and I forget to ask... Are there occaisions or circumstances I should avoid?

Thanks groupies. LoL