This is more nerve racking than kissing a boy for the first time!!!!

Discussion created by ann-marie2 on Sep 14, 2008
I just joined and know I want to quit in the next several weeks. I have been smoking since I was 14 and am soon to be 38. I feel like it is something I can do right....oddly enough. I have wanted to quit for some time now but am a true chicken *^#!. I have tried many times in the past but nothing recently or in the last several years. I do not want to fail at this. Nothing makes you feel worse than not being able to quit smoking....I have had 3 children, divorced and raising the kids on my own, working 2 jobs, moving to another state for better schools - I mean those are tough things so why is it that this makes me more nervous than anything! Good luck to everyone here and all ears are open to anything that can help me succeed!