2 weeks today!!!!  How do you keep going?

Discussion created by ali2 on Oct 28, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2009 by edith2
YEAH!!!!!! I am so grateful to finally feel like I have gotten this thing. It has taken me numerous tries and numerous attempts at quitting to finally be able to stay quit. The longest time I had was 50 days but I was shaking, rattling and rolling the entire time. I feel more confident, determined and very goal oriented. I do have my moments of insanity where I am thinking it is a perfect idea to smoke...and that scares me. I do not ever want to go back. I have freedom today as those of you know who have more time than me. I love not smelling like smoke and not going outside in the cold, rain and snow. I have a chance at gaining some health back at age 37. I pray I do.

With all this said, I was wondering if you would share with to I keep going? What keeps you hanging on? What holds the determination? What gets you thru the awful days when nothing has gone right? How do you get thru sadness and anger? I have always believed that when we share with one another how we get thru every day life with each other when living with addiction.....that is how we all stay addiction free, I hope you will share with me.


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