Prayers for my Aunt

Discussion created by claudia2 on Feb 10, 2009
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I have been requesting prayers for my Aunt. She just found out and called me from FL that her cancer is in her liver and it is contained. The doctor has given her 1 year to live.
She is a very special person, to me, to her sisters, and all that have had the great fortune of being part of her life.

We prayed together and talked about how we turn out life over to God and only he knows when it is our time to go. She will be going to Hawaii for 3 weeks before she starts treatment. Her doctor told her she would not feel like it once she is on the medication. She spent many a time in Hawaii with my deceased Uncle and since has gone each year with her daughters and wants to do it one last time.

I am proud of her, her strength, how she has turned her life over to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I feel I am here a lot asking for prayers, but I am from a very large Catholic family as is my husband. I have another aunt that is 94 that needs prayers as well. She keeps getting fluid around her heart and goes into amonia (sp) and I worry about my 92 year old mother because this will be a very difficult year for her.

We all are very strong in our faith, and I believe that our GOD is GOOD.

So, sorry friends, once again, in once weekend I am asking for more prayers.

Thanks you.