Customizing Colors For Your Background

Discussion created by ShawnP Champion on Mar 21, 2013

Always use Internet Explorer  when working with the colors. Whatever you do, always write down the numbers for colors you want. If you save it and decide you want to change something, you have to start all over again!!! everything deletes itself. Not fully positive with fonts. I think the font you can change is the widget title. This would be where it says message board, blog etc.  I usually keep all my fonts white most of the time. Some fonts are still the default red/pink color. Do customize go to:

My profile, edit profile, custom style and then click on colors.

The first box is where you can customize your colors. The background color and Header background are standard. Whatever you put in there for the final, won't show up. From the pic below, the ones that  I named will work.

Have fun and don't forget to save your work.