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Hello All,
Just wanted to share something with you. I'm on my 33rd day of being smokefree. YAY! But last night I had a test. My husband was here for the weekend and he still smokes but that wasn't the problem. He went home Monday afternoon and I continued my day. Last night I noticed he left a single cigarette on the tv tray. I picked it up, looked at it and thought "there is no one here to see if I smoke this. I thought of how it would taste and I put it down and walked away from it. I also thought I should break it in half or wet it so I wouldn't be tempted again but I left it there. I am going to get rid of it as soon as my son comes downstairs to go to school. This past weekend my husband and I also got out PA fishing permits and went fishing. He was smoking and doing something with his pole and at the end of his smoke when he reached out the but and told me to hold it for him. I told him NO! That I would put it to my mouth if I held it. Sometimes I don't know if he's really thinking! Well to sum it all up, I was tempted but did NOT smoke. I am glad this morning that I didn't. Like I said, there was noone here to see me smoke that cig last night but I would have known .