I have passed the 6 months mark.

Discussion created by leon on Jul 3, 2009
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I have reached the 6 months mark. Yes, for the first time ever without a single puff. I still feel like one a lot of the time I lost my job a week ago due to the credit crunch, I had to work month knowing I was leaving and i hated it.

I thought about having a *** everyday, my missus smokes so i can easily just pick up one of hers. But I know smoking wont make things better, and after that first *** ill feel so much worse.

Im running a 10k tomorrow, trying to get under 54 minutes, running helps me not pick up.

Getting another positive habit does help, i think i am becoming addicetd to running.

I quit smoking cold turkey, my next goal is 1 year one day at time.

Leon x