Has anyone had worsened psychiatric problems?

Discussion created by susan67 on Apr 13, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by debbie11
Hi, just joined ex. Heavy heavy smoker here. Desperate to at least cut down. I was so excited about starting Chantix but within 3 days I had to stop. Not because oth the more common side effects, but a terrible psychiatric reaction including constant suicidal thoughts, hallucinations etc. I do have history of bipolar disorder but never ever felt this bad! Soon as I stopped taking it, I felt ok again. It sure did work on the desire to not smoke. I am so disappointed, have been advised not to try it again by my drs. Just curious has anyone experienced this type of reaction?
Will definitely need an aid because of the sheer addiction aspect; any recommendations on success with inhaler? Thanks so much, everyone