meditation,, lasting calm. helps anxiety

Discussion created by aztec on Aug 24, 2010
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Does anyone here meditate?

My docotr prescribed mediation for me years ago. The monks meditate on love  and their frontal cortex activity is stonger and more vibrant in color than those who do not on a brain scan. BDNF is a chemical I think is secreted with deliberate exercise of the brain that the centurians have more of.

Some people meditate on the names of G-d, or chakras heart chakra being green and the love center.

some have a place they go that they have constructed in their minds eye ,A Happy place and listen to the babling brook, while sitting on a grassy knoll full of flowers.There are so many ways to meditate,

The reason I am bringing it up is becasue is initiates stillness and calmness and healing, IN the Tapping book dr Callahan said that anxiety is the caus eof addictions, and I belleve it. I just mediated for 35 minutes on a range of things and I have no anxiety, I am calm and centered.

I belleive meidtation is a wonderful healing tool that we could all use more of, With the yoga for 30 minutes stretching deeply and getting neurotransmitters going and following it with meditation, I feel so good.

I just wanted to share my exerience today.  Somemay dismiss this but I have a pretty smart doctor and there is secientific evidence that the frontal cortex is brighter in mediators that mediatate on love. Why not give it a shot. I have two cds by Stevan Halpern, "chakra suite" which plays the tones for each chakra and balances them. and "Tonal alchemy" both great to meditate to or do yoga with.

Have a calm, centered , peacful day