Patchy days! How do you use your patches?

Discussion created by nettrice on Mar 2, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2009 by nettrice
Hey there patchers! I really like the patch, works good so far. Gwen says the patch might be too strong for her. i personally found that a whole patch is to strong for me, i always cut it in 3 pieces and start with one piece, add another during the day and replace the first piece with the 3one in the evening. But I know that all this depends hugely on ones morphology etc... and I'm not a doctor... but it does work for me. a whole patch made me feel all dizzy and sweaty and gave me headaches, so in the past I ended up taking them off and smoking again.. (nope, never, ever again!!) ... also I never tended to smoke a lot in the morning anyway, hence little nicotin in the morning, more after leaving the office... In any case hang in there, it will get easier with the time, as others in this forum suggested... anybody else any ideas? Do you have trouble sleeping if you take the patch off before going to bed?