Take a walk after lunch?

Discussion created by larry12 on May 1, 2008
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Got a dark side? I have. Go ahead punk was it 19 or 20? Clint always had one handy. What about Steve McQueen, John Wayne, The girl in manufacturing with the wild look in the eye? All the cool people who were so sure they knew more than most and were so sure they would be OK?
Last walk around the city all the beautiful people are gone. The good looking ones are back inside and the folks around the butt kit don't look so good to me. Where are the rebels and tough guys. The dolls with a bit of an edge? Am I too old or all the smokers less attractive?
I saw all the smokers out front of the buildings downtown where I used to stand and puff. Everyone of the smokers had a dried up wrinkled face that was so unappealing. Skin that just wasn't the right tone.
Make the effort.