e-cigarettes do they help or hurt

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I used an e-cigarette when I first began the process of quitting smoking cigarettes . I have never intended to remain using them and I did not want to become addicted to there use .

I have found that many of the Ex Elders do not like them and discourage the use of them mainly  because they contain nicotine and other ingredients that may be  harmful .  The e- cigarettes also encouage the habit of smoking to continue .

I found them useful as a crutch for awhile but now after 55 Days of freedom from tobacco I have  discontinued  using them . I have not had a puff for a week now and today is my last day on the patch so tomorrow I will begin a life that is cigarette and nicotine free .

I intend  to hide away my disposible e- cigarette and only use it as an emergency if I ever get a crave bad enough that I would actually light a real cigarette I would much rather take a puff from that then to end up smoking a  real cigarette.

  I think they can be useful in quitting if you take care not to take to many puffs a day and really decrease use as you get used to not smoking .  This is just my  humble opinion.... what is yours ?

I found that a straw cut into 3 pieces  can serve the same purpose and is safer and can be used as long as necessary  ...I love my straws