My date is tommorow. Why am I here now?

Discussion created by jen-x on May 26, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by dian
I got some unfortunate news this morning and I feel as if I'm being hooked into a grief spiral. I have a memorial service next week for someone else and I thought I was over the horrible month of April when I started this process.
I must nip this right now, before I even start. I'm not sure what "this" is. I suppose I could go off and get really morbid. I know it has to do with loss and it has been a long five years of loss after loss and I think that can tend to build exponentially.
I've heard that pain seems greater as you get older because the brain remembers the old pain (physical) and compounds it with the new. Isn't pain, pain? Whether, it's physical, emotional, or spiritual it's still pain. I suppose broken bones heal, so do hearts and minds.
Smoking has been a loyal companion through it all, but I believe Aristotle said longevity alone is not a reason for friendship. And, loyality of a drug pusher. Who needs it!
I won't quit, quitting!