King of the hill game

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1.) Take the hill by any means neccessary.

2.) Be sure to reincarnate the previous owner as any living object of your choice.
(Example: A bird, A fly, A tree, A starfish, A dog, etc, etc...)

3.) The person taking the hiil must think of a way to do so as the reincarnated
object. (Example: If turned into a cat, you must think of a way that a cat
would be able to take over the hill.)
Use your imagination.

4.) Anyone who has leadership of the hill also regains their human form. So if you
are reincarnated as a dog, and you finally figure out a creative way to take back
the hill as a dog, you then become a human again. But only until the hill is taken
and you are reincarnated once more as a different living object.


I assume leadership of the hill, this makes me human by default.

John Doe comes along and takes leadership of the hill by creatively eliminating me.

John Doe then decides It would be fun to see me return as a seagull.

I then return as the seagull and peck out Johns left eye, he stumbles into the night where by my command he is reincarnated into any object of MY choice. I choose a butterfly. Now John is a Butterfly.

I take my human form back and await the next person to take the hill from me.

It's John, clumsily fluttering around working his way twoards me. He flutters around my head as I frantically swing in every direction. Suddenly I fall down the hill and as I land I am reincarnated into any object of Johns choice.

Now he assumes leadership of the hill and takes back his human form.

The game is played in this manner until someone can create an object that in no way could or would be able to take leadership of the hill. Have fun...