Did You PLan Your Relapse?

Discussion created by mike_in_alanta on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by marty8
This cessation thing is just too hard. You've spent all day trying to come up with a reason to justify smoking again. It's been such a hard day you've already planned while lying in bed last night that you're gonna smoke just one first thing in the morning & that will be it. Well I'll have just one more at morning break with my coffee. Another after lunch. It's been such a tough day I think I'll have one or three on the way home. After all it's not like I'm back to smoking two packs a day right? I've already blown the day so I'll just start a new quit tomorrow & then another tomorrow & another. You see how it goes. You may come back with "well it was only one smoke" but one can turn into two & two can turn into thousands. That's how fragile our quit is. The thing is, we never know if we've already smoked the cigarette that put the last nail in our coffin. Or will it be the next one we smoke? Are you as comitted to this quit as you should be? Do you truly understand how deadly our addiction is? I've got 5 smoke free years under my belt & every day I still have to watch for triggers & emotional situations that could literally mean life or death for me because I know if I started back I probably couldn't quit again. I can't afford to think about planning how I can smoke again. This is my last chance. How many more chances do you have? How many more chances do any of us have?