Poor Me!

Discussion created by mike_in_alanta on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by louise2
We enjoy feeling sorry for ourselves & the joy is even more justified if we can swing others to feel the same for us. "Oh you poor thing. Why don't you have a smoke? You can quit later." Or, “Why me, I enjoy smoking, why does it have to be bad for us? I don’t wanna gain a bunch of weight, Aunt Sophie smoked every day till she died at 94. It can’t be smoking that is causing all this cancer.”? We love it if our mood has changed during our quit & someone remarks that if we’re going to be so bitchy or such grumps then we should start smoking again. Anything for an excuse. We all know an Aunt Sophie but they are the exception to the rule.
At some point we have to face our fears & get past all the excuses because we really knew all along that you can count on one thing, if you smoke it will kill you.