Quitting is a piece O' Cake

Discussion created by wishworks on Jul 6, 2010

Quitting is not that bad....a few days of active vigilence and presto you are a non-smoker'I am a pack a day addict of 45 years in this nasty ass habit. I quit for 5 months last year after a near fatal fall and Chantix

Chantix made me crazy...the psycho b""""" from hell!

My belief is quitting is not that bad...we are hyper vigilent for that first week..the nicotine is gone after a few days.. for the most part

a few epson salt baths and it is out of your skin as well..

The real work is everyday thereafter.... after you initially quit....NEVER let your guard down...NOT ONCE!

It can get you...The habit... if you relax...PERIOD!

I believe the work begins every day and wonder if it ever goes away...tell me it does!.

Those 10 minutes of breathing and waiting for the urge to pass..is what addiction is about...

that visitor that sneaks in your mind, tempts you.. if you take your eye off the prize...HEALTH

So I am about to quit again....everyday, at every impulse to smoke...and I hope to hold onto the reality

Quitting is easy!

WishWorks just now