Quit Date Undecided- Plans for End of August

Discussion created by xtine on Jul 27, 2008
I'm looking for a quit buddy who is going through a situation similar to my own. I have been smoking for nearly four years. I'm 18 years-old and work full time at a busy hotel and during the school year I am a full-time university student. Nearly all of my friends smoke constantly except my boyfriend of almost 2 years (who is a daily support system.) My most common trigger is stress followed by drinking. I want to quit in order to gain perspective on my life and to get healthier. It also doesn't hurt that my boyfriend has been pushing for it since we met. It seems every time I try to quit a stressful situation comes up that propels me back into the grip of nicotine. The first time I tried to quit, my then boyfriend cheated on me. The second time, my mother announced that she and my father were getting a divorce. This time I am serious about it and am looking for a non-judgmental quit buddy who will be there for me if I slip up and continue to support me to the end.