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Discussion created by c2q on Jan 2, 2012
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Sorry guys. This is Dog, from the Dog group.  I was trying to sort my old blog posts by date so I could find a particular one I wanted share. the "120102" in the title is a date format: yymmdd that sorts chronologically. I didn't realize changing the title would bring it up in new activity.


Thanks you, People who have joined my group (dog's group). The idea was to get a party starter badge for my friend triple-A, who was so pleased, she changes her name. Dogs are pack animals. I thought dog has a group, all of becomeanex will want to get groups, and we will beat the badgers to the ground.


Just think of this as an "oh, THAT's not ever going to happen" kind of moment for me.


So, very sincere thanks to you, who played along with a friend. Would you be interested in being a member of this group if it became a tongue in cheek "word of the day" kind of group (see below), or shall I let the experiment die?