Not with MY heart problem...

Discussion created by eva4 on May 20, 2008
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Hey everyone. My name is Eva, and I just turned 25. I have a precious 2 year old son...and a heart condition.
I started smoking at 16; a time where my mom was smoking 2.5 packs a day, inside of a small one bedroom apartment. How could I have not tried it when she was constantly blowing smoke in my face?
I smoked a pack a day for 6 years, and then I got pregnant with my son; I continued to smoke.
I smoked for 8 months of my pregnancy, after many faltered attempts to quit. Finally, in my eighth month, I started becoming violently sick every time I took a drag, so I put them down and did not smoke again for 2 years. I was never planning on starting up again, ever. In those 2 years, I developed a heart condition that the doctors could not figure out why I had. They said I was too young to have these problems, but that they did'nt come from smoking. They also told me that if I did not lose weight immediatley, my heart could give out at any time: I am 5'11", and I was at 350 lbs.
I lost 150 lbs last year alone, and let me tell you...it sure feels good to be able to exercise wiyhout losing your breath.
All of this was terribly short lived.
About 2 months ago, I was stressed out and asked my best friend for a drag to calm me down. That was it....I am now a full blown smoker once again.
I want to quit because of my heart problem, and my son. Ive done it before, I can do it again...I just need a nudge in the right dirrection.