As spring and summer rolls in I find New triggers.

Discussion created by andrew3 on Mar 12, 2009
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Well So far it has been a month and a half I believe smoke free. I have been finding new triggers though. I realized that the warm weather is making me crave for a cigarette more and more. When I drive home and I get tired, and the evening sun beats down onto my face. I just want to have the nasty thing in my hand. I know I will not go back to it, but I have to admit these have been the most powerful ravings I have had yet.

I just breath deeply, and roll down my window so I can smell the fresh air. I also have been using these menthol nose strips they really help with the bigger cravings. Just a random thought, and was letting everyone know I am still sticking with the quit, and have not had a miss step along the way!