barely surviving the weekend.

Discussion created by andrew3 on Feb 2, 2009
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This weekend was rough. I came so close to falling down twice this weekend. The only thing that saved me was thinking, will I have the strength to get back up? Will I have the strength to come back to this site, and let everyone know I have failed? I know this might sound a little selfish, but I was also thinking some people on here look up to me, and I look up to them. We are a group, and when one of us fall we all fall a little. When one fails we all fail.

I told my girlfriend this weekend that she gives me so much support, but her support alone will not keep me clean. I need support from ex-smokers, because they understand completely what I am going through. they can give me the best support, because we do not want to see each other fail, and we all know what the headaches are like. What the cravings and triggers can do, and how weak they can make us.

She understands, and said she loves this site, it makes her realize how hard this is for me. She never smoked, she has never had to quit. I let her read what I write she has my password, and loves everyone on here. Likes all the friends and comments I have received. She knows how important you guys are for my success. Sorry for the long rant this time. I was just writing anything and everything that spilled from my fingers. You guys are my family, together we can do this, and do anything! Thank you all for listening and reading through my long, and sometimes boring posts! We are amazing and will never take no for an answer!