My hellish night and morning, and wanting to smoke so bad

Discussion created by andrew3 on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by anna12
Last night I almost fell. I came so close, but at the same time was no where near falling.

Here is what happened. I was working on my accounting homework. We have to do it online on this program called Wiley plus. After about two hour I stumbled onto this one problem. I knew I had it right, but yet the program said wrong. I sat calmly for 20 minutes re-reading the book, re-reading the problem. My book said I was right, but the program would not acknowledge this. I asked my best friend for help, he is an accounting major, and about three classes ahead of me. He did the problem the same exact way I did. When I told him he got upset and said the program was wrong. I e-mailed my teacher. He was no help what so ever. So about after another hour of staring and cursing the heavens I decided to get food. I told my girlfriend I was craving the worst I ever have. She said, "I understand if you fall tonight, and will help you get back up." This was really a nice thing to say, I said in reply, "Babe every time I get frustrated with my homework I cannot go and have a smoke." I knew if I did that then pretty soon I would be back to smoking. I realized no matter how frustrated I get I cannot fall into temptation it will be the unraveling of my success.

Then this morning I hear my sister yet again screaming at her boyfriend. I do not understand she screams everyday. Its like a little three year old throwing tantrums. I used the rest room and forgot to put the seat down. To her this means the end of the world. To make this long unorganized rant shorter, she ended up shoving me into the wall. Called my dad and said I pushed her. He now does not want to see me when he gets home. I want to smoke but I will not let myself fail.

Sorry for this horribly unorganized rant. I just needed to type what my fingers wanted.