How I have been successful in my quit.

Discussion created by andrew3 on Feb 19, 2009
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Everyone has different experiences during their quits. Some find it easier, and some found it hard. I am going to try and make a list of how I was able to be so successful in my quit so far.

1. Used nicotine lozenges. I found these were a great way to keep my mouth busy and mind off of smoking by switching it from cheek to cheek.
2. I purchased mint flavored tooth picks. This was so I could feel that tingle menthol used to give me.
3. placed my smoking aids in the places I am at for extended periods of time.
4. Made discussions, and blogs almost everyday for the first week and a half. Found posting my feelings helped a lot with cravings and kept me positive.
5. read other posts and discussions when I felt a craving.
6. Found people that had quit near me or a week ahead, and decided if they can do this then so can I. Also I found my Mother Hen (Edith, and Anna) and when I was feeling down or a craving I would read their posts, and would sometimes send an e-mail.
7. At a week and a half I developed a sore under my tongue from the lozenge, decided I would lower my dosage from 4mg to 2mg and cut down the amount used.
8. day 12- day 16 . Have started to feel more down, and lethargic. Do not feel the energy to come and post here. Room has become messy and clean many times. Car is still clean. Still ahead in homework. This is because I have forced myself to continue. I do not want to let myself fall into a deep depression and have to find a way out. Did not feel like smoking, but had constant dreams about it.
9. Started to feel extremely guilty for not posting, or helping others in their quit. I still however cannot find the will power in myself to come back to the site. I think it is because I feel guilty and stupid for being so up and positive, and then so down, and upset.
10. Day 20-present. I feel so sick now. I have come down with a cold, or flu. I do not even think about smoking anymore, however I feel so low on energy again. I do not believe it is depression though; just the cold. I am going to see my girlfriend again tomorrow which will be great, and I realize I cannot feel guilty about not posting anymore. I just have to come back when I am ready, and check in to let people know I am OK, but I cannot let myself feel like I am letting anyone down, because this is my quit, and there is no need for any added pressure.

Here is to three amazing weeks. Thank you all for your great support. I hope this post might help some people who just started their quit.