Haven't quit yet? This might help!

Discussion created by meagan2 on Jan 7, 2009
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My quit date was set for the 1st of the year. About 2 weeks before then I woke up and smoked a cigarette, which was my normal routine. The difference that day was that it had been the last cigarette out of my pack of camels and I didn't feel like going out to buy another one. I felt good about quitting earlier. The next day I was feeling a little crazy and I got through half of my day before I gave in and walked to store. On my way there I felt guilty and very upset with myself. When I got there I made a quick decision at the register to buy a pack of rolling tobacco instead. I told myself that I would have to work for every craving I felt by having to roll it first rather then just pulling it out and lighting up. It was a great choice for me, it got me out of A LOT of my subconscious habits...the little things that I didn't notice meant so much. Things like just flicking a cigarette. A filtered 'pre-rolled' one is obviously a lot sturdier then my 'not-so-well' rolled ones, you can't flick it let alone hold and smoke it the same. It's weird how different and unimportant smoking seems when you can't perform it the same way that you have been for years. It helped a lot! It also got me out the big habit, that was always having to have my "precious" camels. It was exactly what I needed to help get rid of the physical aspect of smoking. After that, it was on to the mental aspects. I worked with my triggers that teaches us to SUBDUE. That is my quitting word and it's a very powerful one. SUBDUE: To conquer and bring into subjection. To bring under mental or emotional control. To overpower by superior force; overcome. TRY IT! It might help. Good health!