Discussion created by meagan2 on Jan 12, 2009
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I have had a very successful quit so far. I haven't given in to one craving that I've had. And actually I haven't had that bad of cravings, either. But I find that today I'm having my first large trouble with it. I'm having a hard time dealing with the "forever" aspect of it. I want that one cigarette every once in awhile. But I know if I give in to that feeling that it won't be that ONE cig every ONCE IN AWHILE. Maybe these feelings are just coming out because I have had a great deal of stress for the past couple of days, looking for a job and not being able to pay bills. If it wasn't for my boyfriend I wouldn't have stayed quit this long, let alone that he makes the most money and without him I probably would have got kicked out of my home by now for not being able to pay rent. I want a smoke right now, but it won't take the stress away, it won't find me a job, it won't keep me alive! I have to stay strong for forever otherwise my forever will be decided by cigarettes! Almost a full 13 days for me! WOW! I NEVER thought I would be able to say that! Woo-hoo! I feel good! I don't want to smoke, my plan was to have a SMOKE-FREE 2009! I just fixed my problem... I don't want a smoke anymore. I just had to calm down from my stressful outburst... I just had to type out my craving. That helped a lot! Normally I just go read everyone's blogs and discussions, and that does help. But this feels much better!

This was going to be a blog post but I'm going to put it as a discussion so you guys can discuss your "forever" issues and cravings. Thanks for sitting down with me and listening to my crazy ramble, I feel a lot better!