One Week

Discussion created by norm on Feb 7, 2009
As of this morning I'm one week into the no-smoking thing. Seven days of up and downs, elation and misery, determination and weakness. I began the quitting process using 21mg patches supplemented during those periods of extreme weakness with the occasional 4mg lozenges. This combination seems to work relatively well considering I was a heavy smoker (minimum of two packs a day). My limited supply of lozenges is now gone, so I'm pressing forward with patches alone. So far so good. Last Sunday (day 2) was the worst of the ordeal thus far. I woke in an evil mood which remained more or less constant throughout the day and was interspersed with periods of despair. But all things considered, each day was a bit easier than the day before. As long as I can maintain proper focus and determination during those periods of extreme weakness, all will be well. Or so I hope.