Day One!

Discussion created by michelle23 on Jul 8, 2008
Come & gone!! Hell week is here I think~!

The morning went very well, I kept so busy cleaning, I striped all the bedrooms, bathroom vacuumed, stream cleaned the furniture and floors, dusted. TONS of laundry! about lunchtime I got so frustrated and had 2 cigarette's left!
I got the kids and went to the store to buy a box of patches, lit one, didn't inhale any tossed 1/2 out then on the way home smoked the other one the same way.... Came home had lunch and used a patch! Went well afterwards, still have strong urge for one but I'm done with them! (I hope anyway)
My husband smokes too so this is going to be a bigger challenge! Maybe not though, I've done this before and stuck with it for a long time. Each day is a new challenge thats for sure.. Am so lad I waited until after the .long weekend! thats was the best decision ever!
Today I'm going to my cousin's house to steam clean it for her!! LOL
She want to quit too but hasn't yet, this will be tough for me but going with the attention to steam clean her rugs & furniture for her for a belated birthday present....my own motivation to stay so busy and the distraction....
what's going to kill me I think is I'm turning 40 is a few weeks! phemmmm if anyones asks 29!! lol