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Discussion created by kelly4 on Nov 18, 2008
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Hi Moms,
I'm a 33 year old mom of 3 children. A 12 year old girl and 2 boys, age 9 and 2. I have been smoking since I was a teenager. The longest quit I had was for 7 months during my last pregancy. I enjoyed not smoking but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from my life. I started smoking just 3 days after he was born.
I need to quit. Since my daughter is becoming a teenager, I need to set a proper example for her, and I would like to live long enough to see my kids grow up. Problem is, deep down, I don't really want to quit. I still enjoy smoking and I can't imagine how I can live my life without smoking. I guess I'm afraid of the unknown. How can I make myself want to do this?