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OMG, there was a murder in my neighborhood last night!

When I got up I could see the police cars everywhere, all lit up.

Scared the crap out of me! I live in the oldest neighborhood in my city. It's always been safe and now this.

I couldn't be sure but I think I saw someone slumped over in the car that the police had surrounded, gave me the creeps and I wished I had a cigarette, oh lord I could hardly stand it. Most of my neighbors were out by then and I ran over, it felt better and safer to be around them.

The police stretched out the tape around the car but I still couldn't see much. Then one of the cops came over to push us back and someone asked what happened.

Unbelievable, he said that a man had been killed in his car and the only other thing that they knew was that he had a bowl on his head and a banana up his butt and they think it's the work of a cereal killer.