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Apparently this is a pretty new website, it seems everyone is just joining. But so far I like what I'm seeing. :)
I've been smoking for about six years, and have been wanting to quit for the past year. My girlfriend smoked on and off and just up and quit one day and told me I had to do the same. Its coming up onto a year to that date and she has been so incredibly supportive of my problem and trying to help me. I love her to death. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be enough. Isn't that crazy? Thats why I hate my addiction, because despite how badly I want to do this for her and myself, I can't seem to make myself quit! I hope this website can be of some help, and this group some extra support for me. I'm planning on starting officially separating myself from cigarettes as much as I can tomorrow. However one of my main triggers is going to class (I'm currently in college). I have hours between my classes where I enjoy sitting outside and often smoke during these breaks. Maybe I'll spend some time inside or read my book in the non smoking areas. Hopefully my self control will kick in!
My girlfriend and I are moving into our first house together in a month and it's my goal to not smoke in or around our home!
I hope you're all doing well. Best of luck my friends!