The Process - Working toward a quit date!

Discussion created by quin on Oct 11, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by vikkig2

I've finally started reading the site a bit.  I've made it through the initial "Learn About EX".  Woot!  I'm now into my "Tracking your Cigarettes" to find the cycles and triggers that induce me to smoke.  I jumped ahead just a little bit and did pick a quit date.  November 3rd.

Today, I begin to deny myself immediate gratification once I get the urge from a trigger.  Like, right now...I wanted to schmoke a schmigarette.  But, instead I've decided to log in here and type up a topic in the group area.  This has taken me five minutes so far.  The little "deny yourself" tutorial suggested that waiting five minutes was a good starting point, so I'm going to go running outside like a little girl and smoke :)

See you guys when next I want to smoke.