Roll Call!

Discussion created by John-C. on Nov 30, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2009 by John-C.
How is everyone doing with their quits? I'd like to ask the members of this group to sound off, let us know how you are going with your quits, no matter what shape they may be in.

I created this group because I felt 10 days was a significant period of time, and that extra care during this time really increases your chances of staying quit long-term. I hope that we, together, can provide the right support to one another.

I will start: I have maintained my most recent quit after several no-go attempts, I am on Day Seventeen... started with the nicotine gum, but got off of it four days later. Two weeks was a real breach for me, and I am really relieved that I am having no more serious cravings. nEXt?