I quit everything, it took 25 years but I did it! WARNING: CONTENTS MAY BE OFFENSIVE!

Discussion created by jim_taddeo on Jul 20, 2008
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After about 25 years of transferring use from one group of substances to another, from smoking pot to drinking like a lunatic to snorting coke and heroin, tripping on acid and mushrooms, eating pharms of all kinds and every combination, I finally transferred the whole strange mix to cigarettes right after the turn of the century. Now I have quit everything for good with stopping smoking and full public disclosure is a huge step in my recovery and what I call the keystone. It takes courage and strength! I have my HP to provide for me. I am CLEAN, SOBER, AND SMOKE FREE! I invite you to join me! Welcome! Use the Ex plan if you choose. Use the Ex plan and quit everything if you can. If you think that quitting smoking is liberating I encourage you to explore the freedom of being completely clean. Just as the idea of NOT ONE MORE PUFF EVER is being used for cigarettes I EXtend that idea into NOT ONE MORE USE EVER and it covers all of the detrimental addictions you may have. Pledge the same way. You don't even have to disclose anything to anyone but BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. The concept of a HIGHER POWER saves me on a daily basis and I believe it. You do what works for you just stay competely CLEAN, SOBER, AND SMOKE FREE. Let's see how far we can rise into the HEAVENS as we rejoyce in the knowledge that we've been to HELL and never have to go back.......EVER!
God Bless You!