Smoking meetings, new play pals and play pens

Discussion created by sherri10 on May 17, 2008
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Nearly all of my friends are smokers. All of the meetings I go to are smoking meetings. Most of my friends only go to smoking meetings.

My friends don't smoke when they are at my house. And they will still come to my house.

When we go out, we always sit outside to accomadate those that don't smoke. So when we go out, I will still be around smoke.

It seems like God keeps reminding of the saying I heard so much when I got sober, "New play pens and play pals".
I went to a meeting last night. Only me and one other person were not smoking. Someone turned on a fan and all of the smoke blew right into my face, so I moved. She was a newcomer and it seemed to hurt her feelings. (You know how sensative we are when we first clean up).

I know this is just one of those things I have to deal with since I wan't to live a longer healthier life.

I wan't to die pulling weeds in my garden......not pulling an oxygen tank around with me everywhere I go.

PS Can someone tell me how to add that quit meter thingy to my posts????